The goal of a quest is often something intangible —
spiritual enlightenment, the acquisition of knowledge, or inner peace.

What Is Spirit Quest?

Quest is a spiritual discussion group.

We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Albrook community of Panama City, Panama.

In Spirit Quest, we seek to accelerate our spiritual growth and contribute to the global spiritual awakening. We do this by sharing our knowledge and wisdom with each other. We can grow spiritually as individuals, but as a group, we can greatly accelerate our spiritual evolution.

Spirit Quest has been meeting since November 2008.

What Do We Discuss in Our Meetings?

We discuss all things spiritual in our Spirit Quest meetings.

Here are the kinds of things we talk about in our meetings: ascension, global spiritual awakening, energy healing, lightwork, afterlife, shifts in consciousness, reality creation, multidimensional reality, universal laws, life purpose, past lives and reincarnation, astral projection, channeling, psychic skills, spirit guides and ascended masters, mysticism, chi gong and other forms of energy exercise, auras and chakras, and dreamwork.

You will encounter every spiritual teaching in Spirit Quest. We invite you to share your knowledge and experience at our meetings.

For a list of specific topics we have discussed since we began to meet in November 2008, click here: Discussion Topics.

What Is Spirituality?

Ask a hundred people this question and you will get a hundred different answers. 

For me, spirituality means establishing a relationship with Spirit. Spirit lies beyond the veil of separation and is not physical. But Spirit also dwells within you. In that sense, spirituality means connecting with what you really are.

The Real You is not a physical body. Rather, the Real You is a soul. Your physical body is just a temporary illusion that You-as-Soul created in order to experience physicality. You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. In the process of discovering what you really are, you also begin to discover that physical “reality” is not real. You come here from the other side of the veil, but you deliberately forget this in order to make your experiences here on Earth seem real.

In spirituality, we make use of spiritual studies and spiritual practices to establish a relationship with Spirit. My favorite spiritual study is A Course in Miracles. My favorite spiritual practice is meditation.

Spirituality and religion are not synonymous. I myself am spiritual but not religious (SBNR). If anything, religion has tried to separate us from Spirit by interposing itself between us and Spirit.

You pre-planned your life before you incarnated, so you are not a victim of other people or life's circumstances. You expected your life to be a learning experience. You also expected your life to be a joyous experience despite the challenges you would face. But you became entangled in the fear and drama of human life, believing it to be real.

A great shift in consciousness is now occurring here on Earth. This shift will help you remember what you really are. It will help you remember your reason for coming here. It’s a very exciting journey you are on here in the physical world!

A Sacred Space

Spirit Quest provides a "sacred space" for discussion. In our meetings, you may share your beliefs without fear of judgment, criticism, or rebuke.

However, you should not monopolize the discussion, interrupt others, or offer unsolicited advice. You should not interrogate other people during the meetings, evaluate what others have said, nor quibble over differences of opinion.

You should stay focused on the topic. Do not talk at length about things not related to the topic. Politics, finances, specific religions, and sex are not appropriate topics for discussion.

If you wish to network on business matters with others attending, you are welcome to do so after the meeting.

If you arrive late and a group meditation is in progress, you will need to briefly wait outside until the meditation finishes.

For the comfort of everyone attending, please do not bring your children or your dog to the meetings.

Spirit Quest has absolutely no dues, fees, or expenses of any kind.

About This Website

This website provides information about Spirit Quest and its upcoming activities. 

I encourage you to browse through the website. If you like what you see, I hope you will join us.

If you cannot participate in our activities but have an interest in all things spiritual, we still invite you to contact us. We will send you our monthly electronic newsletter. 

Spiritual discussion groups like Spirit Quest are springing up spontaneously all over the world. If you would like to form a group similar to Spirit Quest in your area, we hope you will contact us. Perhaps the information on this website will help you as you set out to form such a group.

For more information about Spirit Quest, contact me by e-mail at:

Roy Smith